Sisterhood is Loving Each Other When the Chips are Down

It takes only a moment to remember the sadness, overwhelm, and fatigue that encapsulated my life almost two decades ago. I was in a dark place, alone and struggling. I don’t remember why it happened or even how I got to that place, but I found myself sinking into a

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Sisterhood is Knowing You’re Not Alone

Have you ever had one of those days when your insecurities took over? On this particular day, I didn’t set out to be down on myself, but I was triggered by a simple question asked among my sisterhood group—“Do you feel safe sharing here with us?” Although I felt safe

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Sisterhood Means Being There for One Another

I used to be bad at the friendship thing. You know, gathering together and sharing your deepest thoughts. The thought of gathering in a group would stir up my stomach, much like riding a roller coaster. Oh, the ups and downs of drama and gossip would fill my mind instead

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Sisterhood Allows You to be You

I hang out with weirdos for a living. That statement makes me laugh out loud, but it’s also kind of true. As a designer, I’m surrounded by creative people on a daily basis. It’s a joy for me to watch us come together and create something out of nothing, order

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Sisterhood Means We’re Better Together

Dunk. Slurp. Chew. Savor and repeat. Because coffee and biscotti are always better together. I couldn’t believe I’d never had Nonni’s Biscotti before. If the year were 1999 and I was prepping for apocalyptic computer shutdown, my Y2K supplies would definitely include Nonni’s. A month ago, a “sister” sent me

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What is sisterhood? It’s not a club or sorority, but a special kind of soul connection—I can call you sister because you call Him Father.

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