Jehovah Shammah~ The God Who is There

My hubs and I have lived in his childhood home for over twenty-three years. The house hovers on a hill over a small but vibrant lake. Decades ago, the lake was peppered with cabins and summer abodes. Today you’d be hard-pressed to find a cabin. Instead, temporary dwellings have morphed

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Jesus Is My Advocate

A few months ago, something happened in the news, and when I saw it, I just tuned it out. I wasn’t surprised by it, and it wasn’t worth the emotional toll of letting myself get caught up in the controversy. Until a good friend wrote a long email about how

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Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway!

Listen, we know that when the Bible talks about “every good and perfect gift,” it’s not referring to that cute scarf or that adorable travel mug. Things don’t matter as much as people, and God is above and before it all. And yet, even knowing and believing that, we still

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The Lord Is My Shepherd

Times are changing, aren’t they? Sometimes that’s good. If we lived in the 1300s, we’d be plucking our hairlines in pursuit of higher foreheads. Thank heaven things have changed! But sometimes change doesn’t feel so good. Especially when it seems to be constant. We turn on the news one day,

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The God of Many Names (Who is Worthy of Our Praise!)

I remember the first time I knew for certain that God was listening. I was eight years old, and though I knew for certain He heard me, I wasn’t sure of all God was and is. I remember the first time I heard a preacher passionately preach, saying only the

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The God Who Sees Me

We’re so excited to hear from contributor Angie Hayes today! Angie shares a beautiful story about her little boy David and the God Who Sees. The video is only 5 minutes, but we promise her story will stay with you for weeks to come! Listen now to hear about the

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Haters Gonna Hate But God Is My Guide

About three years ago, I had my first experience with online haters. I had written an article for a popular parenting site and was thrilled about it; it was my first attempt at pitching my writing to a major publication, and they accepted and published it almost immediately. Such a

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Exploring Sisterhood—Because We’re Better Together

In this virtual world we live in, most women are hungry for something tangible. As we struggle to discern what is fake news, we long to find God’s truth. In the divisive atmosphere of politics, we want to find friendships that endure. It’s fine to have friends online, but what

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Finding Our Waymaker

“We’re not lost, we’re just on an adventure.” My daughter recounts stories about getting lost as I drove her across Texas for competitions. Maps and Garmin were my navigation tools. Determined to keep her positive and focused, I repeated that phrase when I had lost my way. We laugh now,

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