When the Unexpected Happens

Spring Break 2020 should have been like any other—except it wasn’t. The coronavirus had made its way to the United States approximately six weeks prior, and little by little, things were changing all around us. I had already decided to stick close to home, so I created a list of

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Her Story: Moving Forward When God Says No

Over a decade ago, I believed I was being led to prepare for a very specific job. I had received the required certifications, logged hundreds of hours in training, and waited for just the right opportunity. Along the way, I developed a focused plan of action to ensure I was

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I’m Over Worrying About Settling for Less

I’ve always been a dreamer; not the starry-eyed, wanderlust, impractical kind, but the one who imagined that with hard work I could achieve anything.  By nature, I’m a play-it-safe gal who chooses the role of dream organizer like it’s a badge of honor. Instead of flying by the seat of

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I’m Over Being Overloaded

A while back I was having lunch with a group of ladies when I felt the conversation take a sudden right turn. Out of nowhere, the focus shifted from family and fun to how busy everyone was. One of the gals said, “I can’t seem to get everything done. No

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Sisterhood is Loving Each Other When the Chips are Down

It takes only a moment to remember the sadness, overwhelm, and fatigue that encapsulated my life almost two decades ago. I was in a dark place, alone and struggling. I don’t remember why it happened or even how I got to that place, but I found myself sinking into a

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Sisterhood Journal

What is sisterhood? It’s not a club or sorority, but a special kind of soul connection—I can call you sister because you call Him Father.

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