Jehovah Shammah~ The God Who is There

My hubs and I have lived in his childhood home for over twenty-three years. The house hovers on a hill over a small but vibrant lake. Decades ago, the lake was peppered with cabins and summer abodes. Today you’d be hard-pressed to find a cabin. Instead, temporary dwellings have morphed

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Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway!

Listen, we know that when the Bible talks about “every good and perfect gift,” it’s not referring to that cute scarf or that adorable travel mug. Things don’t matter as much as people, and God is above and before it all. And yet, even knowing and believing that, we still

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Exploring Sisterhood—Because We’re Better Together

In this virtual world we live in, most women are hungry for something tangible. As we struggle to discern what is fake news, we long to find God’s truth. In the divisive atmosphere of politics, we want to find friendships that endure. It’s fine to have friends online, but what

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Meeting God in the Wilderness

God’s word is living and active. Don’t believe us? Read the verse above. Nearly two years ago, the founders of Sisterhood Ministries chose this verse—originally written hundreds of years ago—as we mapped out our plans for this ministry we’d dreamed about starting. Of course, we thought “wilderness” would look different

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