Do You Need a New Perspective?

The beautiful thing about perspectives is that there’s always more than one. That leads us to richer experiences in life. Opportunities for growth. And even unique insights into things we don’t fully experience or understand by ourselves. The difficult thing? We can be blinded by our own. We get wrapped

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Her Story: Known

Growing up, I spent a great deal of time with my grandparents. Being lucky enough to have both sets of them living at the beach led to summers that, I can see now, were very spoiled. I was equally close to both sets. Though I didn’t have much of a

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What’s Your Story?

Have you ever tried the human knot icebreaker? A group stands in a circle and reaches across to grab the hand of another person, and then reaches across with the other hand to another person and does the same. Once everyone is connected, the entire “knot” of people has to

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I’m Over Overcomplicating It

About a year ago, I got stuck in Paul’s letters to the Corinthians. I’m still there. These letters are the ones where he writes to the church that has gathered after the death of Jesus, within a few years, actually, and have already made a mess of it by adding

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I’m Over Regret

“Do you know how much I love you?” I used to ask my kids when they were very young. Their tiny fingers would pinch together as small as possible while still leaving a gap as they’d say with a grin, “This much?” I’d look at them with eyes wide, shaking

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I’m Over Pretending My Life is Perfect

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived the perfect Christian woman named Laurie (in my perfect world, I have an “i” in my name, okay?). Laurie had the perfect marriage, with perfect children who never did anything wrong, and perfect friends who begged to be a

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Sisterhood is Never Having to Go it Alone

Several years ago, my life changed drastically. Within a matter of days, things came to light that made me realize that not only was my marriage over, but I was about to lose my home, and everything else I’d worked for my entire life. It didn’t happen in the dark,

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Sisterhood Allows You to be You

I hang out with weirdos for a living. That statement makes me laugh out loud, but it’s also kind of true. As a designer, I’m surrounded by creative people on a daily basis. It’s a joy for me to watch us come together and create something out of nothing, order

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Sisterhood Journal

What is sisterhood? It’s not a club or sorority, but a special kind of soul connection—I can call you sister because you call Him Father.

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