Jesus Is My Advocate

A few months ago, something happened in the news, and when I saw it, I just tuned it out. I wasn’t surprised by it, and it wasn’t worth the emotional toll of letting myself get caught up in the controversy. Until a good friend wrote a long email about how

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The Changing Faces of an Unchanging God

Age 10, at a weeknight Baptist revival The pastor said to come forward if I want to give my heart to Jesus. It’s like a magnet, this force, propelling me to the front. Tears stream as my heart is tugged forward. 13 years old, long after bedtime A quiet, kindly

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Unexpected Answers

I grew up believing that people of faith weren’t the smartest because they relied on woo-woo stuff over science and logic. So imagine my surprise when I started attending a Spirit-filled church. I fell in love with Jesus and discovered how intimate and real that relationship could be. And started

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Her Story: The Freedom of True Friendship

Senior year of high school I walked around the corner to see my very best friend surrounded by a bunch of laughing girls. At lunch, they’d been talking about a party one of the girls was having—a party to which everyone except me was invited. Hurt and angry, I wrote

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I’m over Unforgiveness

When my sisters and I were selecting which “I’m over it” blog posts we would write, I got sulky and sullen. Everyone was enthusiastically claiming the fun topics and I remained silent. I didn’t want to write about this. I didn’t. And yet I heard myself saying, “I’ll take unforgiveness.”

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I’m over it!

At one of my first jobs after college, I was an art director for an Indianapolis ad agency. I worked with some really talented and intelligent people. I reveled in the discussions about advertising and design, laughed at the witty, irreverent conversations, and drooled over boards of Pantone color chips.

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Sisterhood is Knowing You’re Not Alone

Have you ever had one of those days when your insecurities took over? On this particular day, I didn’t set out to be down on myself, but I was triggered by a simple question asked among my sisterhood group—“Do you feel safe sharing here with us?” Although I felt safe

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