I’m Over My Mouth

My Sis and I erupted in laughter when we saw the quote on the front of a sweatshirt: “You might be Lutheran if you feel guilty over not feeling guilty.” We’re both grateful for our Lutheran upbringing. Our laughter wasn’t mean-spirited. It was more like the self-deprecating humor people share

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I’m Over Letting Myself Go

Have you ever loved someone who behaved as though they didn’t love themselves? It hurts. I remember when our kids went through their angsty teens. My heart pinched every time I saw evidence that they believed the lie that they were less than who God said they were. Lately, God

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Sisterhood is All Because Christ Has Come

A year and a half. That’s how long it took before any of us asked the question, “By the way, what church do you attend?” The question seemed almost as inconsequential as the answer. It wasn’t that the answer wasn’t important. On the contrary, we all cared deeply about each

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Sisterhood is a Safe Place

I’m grateful for my sisters. ·     Who else would I send pics of gummy bears to? ·     Who else would see how I’m holding up when my daughter moves 1,400 miles away? ·     Who else would tolerate my complete disregard for commas? Isn’t having a sister fantabulous?! Except for when it isn’t. There’s

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Sisterhood Means We’re Better Together

Dunk. Slurp. Chew. Savor and repeat. Because coffee and biscotti are always better together. I couldn’t believe I’d never had Nonni’s Biscotti before. If the year were 1999 and I was prepping for apocalyptic computer shutdown, my Y2K supplies would definitely include Nonni’s. A month ago, a “sister” sent me

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Sisterhood Journal

What is sisterhood? It’s not a club or sorority, but a special kind of soul connection—I can call you sister because you call Him Father.

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