Finding Our Waymaker

I am the way, and the truth, and the life.
John 16:6 (ESV)

“We’re not lost, we’re just on an adventure.”

My daughter recounts stories about getting lost as I drove her across Texas for competitions. Maps and Garmin were my navigation tools. Determined to keep her positive and focused, I repeated that phrase when I had lost my way.

We laugh now, but there was a hidden truth known only to me.

I was lost.

My marriage was broken, hanging dangerously on the precipice of divorce. To her and others, it appeared fine—thanks to the façade we maintained. But inside, I felt trapped. Those road trips were my private escape to freedom and laughter. A balm to my broken heart.

While I relied on maps and Garmin to navigate our road trips, I didn’t seek guidance in my personal life. I relied on me. Ditto for my husband. Each insisting on our way, we missed the destination called happy family. Our family attended church, but we didn’t study Scripture. Yes, I’d turn to my Bible when arguments escalated. But I cherry-picked, tearfully searching the index for divorce. Out of context, those scriptures didn’t comfort; they only confirmed my feelings. Trapped.

But God doesn’t trap us. He frees us.

Only after I was finally convinced to attend a Walk to Emmaus did I discover the Way to freedom. While Garmin plots our course to earthly destinations, Jesus Christ guides the way to our ultimate destination. Eternal life. In John 14:6 (ESV), Jesus declares this: I am the way, and the truth, and the life.

The Only Way.

I was lost, relying on a faulty guidance system. When the Waymaker became personal to me, He guided me to His Way. Click To Tweet

During those troubled years, I acquired head knowledge of Jesus, but it stopped there. He felt distant and impersonal. He came to earth for others.

On that retreat, He became personal. I met the Waymaker, and He became mine. The revelation rained tears as I at long last believed. Jesus came to rescue me, too.

When we rely on ourselves and things of this world, we lose the way. We will miss our destination. Recently I was traveling to a gathering at an unfamiliar venue. I entered the address into my navigation system and drove. An hour later my navigation system announced arrival at the destination on the left when I noticed a sign pointing to my correct destination. On the right.

That’s how my life had been…following a faulty guidance system leading to the wrong destination.

Sisters, Jesus is our Waymaker and He deeply desires to be our guide.

Prior to Jesus’ revelation, He assures the apostles of this: “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in Me” John 14:1 (ESV). During those anger-filled and lonely years, I didn’t believe His Way was better than mine. When it finally connected, Jesus set me on a path that revealed Truth. Convicting. Challenging. Truth that demands your heart turn right when your flesh desires to go left.

Instead of my husband’s faults, I saw mine. Instead of my needs, I saw his. Instead of my perspective, my Waymaker taught me His. In time God’s Word became my navigation system. Once my heart recognized the Way, my head learned Truth, and my soul experienced Life. As Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Bible describes, I lay my stress on three words. Way. Truth. Life. And I discover the remedy to all my troubles: belief.


In a darkened chapel wrestling the ultimate choice, the error of my ways lay glaringly before me. Reflection and acknowledgment spurred repentance. Then, in answer to my desperate plea for so many years, our Waymaker revealed His Way.


Eighteen years of hurt, bitterness, and anger expunged from my heart, lodged at the foot of the cross.

My life changed trajectory.

As I navigate life choosing the Waymaker as my guide, I discover why I felt trapped when I cherry-picked through Scripture.

I’m not the best at geography but I love a good road trip, so it’s frustrating when my navigation system focuses only on a limited section of my route. I prefer the birds-eye view, from departure to destination, for the route to make sense. When our Waymaker became personal to me, He stirred an insatiable craving for Truth.

Pursuing that Truth, He unwraps the overall picture of God’s plan of redemption in Scripture. Every book, every chapter, every verse woven together leads to the Waymaker. My heart discovered my route, from departure to my ultimate destination.

I discovered the only Way.

There I found freedom.

Along my journey, I often miss a turn, but I’m no longer lost. Five years later my hubby attended the same retreat, a feat I truthfully never dreamed possible. Today? We’re never lost, we’re just enjoying the adventures of life.

We know our Waymaker.

Reflection Questions

Is there an area in your life where you insist upon your way? In relationships that often works both ways, as it did in my marriage. Has clinging to your way resulted in anger, distrust, inability to communicate, feeling unloved, or frustration? Reflect upon that relationship and ask Christ to show you His way to healing.

Who do you turn to when troubles come your way? Instead of venting to friends or cherry-picking through Scripture as I did, try focusing on these three words the next time you’re overwhelmed: Way. Truth. Life. Reflect on the very personal nature of Jesus’ mission and remember He offers you all three.

Take time to let that connect from your head to your heart, then make a list of the times the Waymaker has guided you through past difficulties, filter your current troubles through the full context of Scripture, and thank Christ for the glorious assurance of eternal life with our loving Father in Heaven.



Father, why do we cling so tightly to our own ways when You have lovingly given us the only Way, Your Son, our Waymaker? Forgive us, Lord, and lay bare those places and relationships where we hold tightly to our own ways. Help us cast our ways aside and truly come to know our Waymaker, for He deeply desires to be our guide. Give us courage to trust our Waymaker to show us His ways on earth and the only Way to eternal life with You in Heaven. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Finding Our Waymaker


Monica- Finding freedom in Christ is so well- freeing. Thank you for being an encouragement! Your post reminding me that we have a perfect waymaker and we can trust His guidance to get us to “spacious places.”


    Monica Bard

    Thank you, Jodie! You’ve been such a blessing and encouragement to me since that retreat! Since the Waymaker became personal to me, I feel a peace deep within my soul even when chaos is stirring. As we know, life keeps throwing challenges at us, but it can’t trap me. I am free!


Nancy Silvers

Monica thank you for sharing your path to the way, the truth and the life that only comes from a personal relationship with Jesus. What a blessing that your path led to your husbands and healing took place. God is so good!! The Waymaker has cleared my path and rescued me so many times. His grace and mercy never fail. Love you sister!


    Monica Bard

    Oh Nancy, isn’t that freedom sweet?!? I’m so grateful for God’s redeeming work in our lives. Sending & hugs across the miles❤️


Sandy Sunderland

Nancy, so true…. you and all the beautiful women I met at that retreat has taught me so much… thanks!


Monica Bard

Sandy, I absolutely LOVE how God connects us, His beloved children😍 He IS a good, good Father🎉


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