When the Unexpected Happens

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…
Psalm 46:1-2 (NIV)

Spring Break 2020 should have been like any other—except it wasn’t. The coronavirus had made its way to the United States approximately six weeks prior, and little by little, things were changing all around us.

I had already decided to stick close to home, so I created a list of things I wanted to accomplish during my time off from teaching. I planned lunch dates with friends and made arrangements to work on a quilt project, declutter a couple of rooms that desperately needed it, and finish a writing deadline.

Near the end of my productive week, I received a group text from my boss asking our school district leadership team to meet in two hours. I breathed a deep sigh, because that meant the rumors about schools closing were probably correct.

When the meeting confirmed the news, a bit of distress washed over me. This decision was unprecedented. The spread of the virus and the unknowns associated with it had caused us to close school for a minimum of two weeks. Just one week earlier, our students had exited the doors to the sounds of “Have a great time away, be safe, and we’ll see you soon.” If only we’d known what would transpire in the days that followed.

Before I knew it, those two weeks turned into six and then 10, and with that, the school year was over. Just. Like. That. I kept thinking it couldn’t end like this, but it had. So much left undone. So much I needed to tell my students. It was not to be, and, frankly, there was more to worry about than just school.

We had businesses closing, families suffering from job loss and reduced incomes, and people wondering if and how they would meet their basic needs. And then there was the overarching concern for the safety and well-being of our families. I had never experienced anything like this, ever. The uncertainty and unexpected fallout from this pandemic left me grappling with thoughts of what would come next and what I could do to help.

My first thought was, “Lord, what are we going to do,” without sounding fearful or even more anxious than I already was. I needed God’s Word to remind me…

When I am afraid, I can run to Him, and He will keep me safe.

It is in times like these that reading the Bible brings comfort. His Word gives us the support we so desperately need and the encouragement to handle the unexpected, the uncertain, and the unprecedented. He promises us protection and strength so we can handle adversity when it comes.

“I’ve said these things to you so that you will have peace in me. In the world, you have distress. But be encouraged! I have conquered the world.” John 16:33 (CEB)

Walking through this season of uncertainty has not been easy for anyone, and it’s far from over. Change is taking place in the world, and there will be more to come. Change is taking place in our lives, but living out our faith sends the powerful message of hope. Leaning on His Word soothes our souls and encourages us to seek Him in all things, especially the difficult.

During times of uncertainty, we have the opportunity to turn to God in prayer, praying His Words back to Him and connecting to Him on the deepest of levels. Click To Tweet

While God never promised this life will be easy, He does guarantee us that He is always working for good, even when we cannot see or fully understand. When we choose to follow Him, He reassures us that He is in this, ahead of it, and in total control of all we walk through. For that, we can be thankful.

While I may have been caught off guard by the recent turn of events, God is never surprised. He knows what is coming and its impact on us. He knows the uncertainty we face and the unknown that can invade our lives. Thankfully, these experiences allow us to grow closer to God while waiting on what’s next. There’s nothing more valuable than that.

Reflection Questions

How do you demonstrate your faith when unexpected circumstances arise?

Do you ever feel isolated when the unexpected occurs?

When faced with uncertainty, how do you use this opportunity to grow closer to God?


Lord, thank You for the many times You have heard my cries and rescued me from unexpected and trying times. I pray You will help me weather all that surrounds me, giving me wisdom and truth to navigate the challenging journey. Your Word tells over and over again that You are with us and that we should not fear. Thank You for Your love and for Your promise that this too shall pass. In Your Name, Amen.

9 thoughts on “When the Unexpected Happens


Thank you, Mitzi. Your words help me remember how close God is—so near. Love you.



“Leaning on His Word soothes our souls and encourages us to seek Him in all things, especially the difficult.” I couldn’t agree more, Mitzi!



Thanks Mitzi! This is a scary time but knowing God is bigger is the greatest comfort.



Thank you, friend! These times are definitely hard. I’m so thankful that our God is bigger than anything we must face.


Nancy Silvers

Thank you, Mitzi for reminding me where my peace comes from. These times have been challenging, specially for this hugger, but God is up to the challenge and we know who wins the big battle!


Becky W

Many times I have felt uncertainty from unexpected things and although I would like to say I turn towards God in many times I go to all the extremes of worry, fear, doubt, all the what if’s……. its during those moments he whispers to me his promises that HE is there and I am not alone and He already knew this would happen. I marvel at the fact how he knows me so well yet…..still loves me. Thank you for this word today.


Cindy K Krall

I think one of the most precious things I’ve learned in hard, unexpected times is the power of “praying His words back to Him.” What a gift! What a blessing! His WORD! Thanks for sharing Mitz!!



I have felt uncertainty from unexpected things and althrough I wood like to say I turn toward God alot time I go afraid of worry fear and the unknown them thosr moments He whisper in my ear I got this. That He is here for me during this time and all through this.


    Kelly O’Dell Stanley

    We all feel those things but you’re doing the right thing – trusting in Him because He IS there for you, always. <3


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