What’s Your Story?

But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?
Romans 10:14 (NLT)

Have you ever tried the human knot icebreaker? A group stands in a circle and reaches across to grab the hand of another person, and then reaches across with the other hand to another person and does the same. Once everyone is connected, the entire “knot” of people has to twist and maneuver themselves to become untangled until they are a single “strand.” The more difficult a reach they make, the harder the knot is to untie, but if they don’t stretch far enough, they don’t experience as much of the game.

Life can be like that, can’t it? And just like the players in the game, sometimes the tangling that occurs is out of our control, and other times, we play an active part in the tangling.

The truth is, each of our stories starts in God’s hand.

He holds the beginning of our strand and knows exactly how it will twist, turn, and tangle along life’s way. He knows that some of our strands will become more knotted than others and that there is beauty in both. But, in the end, we will still be tied to each other as our lives have touched along the way. Connected.

This next series at Sisterhood Ministries is about our stories. Not just the leaders of this ministry, but of other women we’ve been connected to through it. We want you to get to know the stories of as many sisters as possible. And we truly hope (like, from the bottom of our hearts) that you will feel safe to share your story with us and the other sisters that have gathered here.

We get it, though.

Sometimes the story God gives us is not the one we want to share.

Maybe it’s embarrassing or can put us in a negative light.
Maybe it’s too hard to describe or too heartbreaking to watch others hear.
Maybe it simply feels like it’s not as important as another story that’s being told by someone else we know.

But this isn’t just our story. It’s the story God is writing in our lives. And the story that He is using to tell others about Him. It has a purpose that goes beyond us. A purpose that He can use for His Glory.

Sometimes, another sister just needs to relate to our story so they don’t feel so alone in theirs. Click To Tweet

If only we’ll share it.

Just like the icebreaker, our story begins in His hand and consists of a single strand. That strand extends from Him whether we see it or not, accept it or not, revere it or not. And the people that come in and out of our lives, whether they tangle into a knot, or help us untangle one, can all be used for the story God is telling through us.

What’s your story?

Reflection Questions

Have you struggled to tell your story to others? What is holding you back?

How has someone else’s story encouraged your faith?


Father God, we love You and are so thankful that You are the author of our stories. When those stories are difficult, we praise You for walking through it with us. When those stories are joyful, we praise You for sharing it with us. Lord, help us to be good stewards with what You’ve given us. To understand that our stories are entwined with other stories and that together, You can make them into something useful and beautiful that brings more people toward You. In the beautiful name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

9 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?


Many stories have encouraged my faith! I’m grateful to so many who have told their story and helped to strengthen my faith. One in particular taught me about true grace that comes from the Lord. It helped me see that yes, I was completely forgiven. I cannot wait to read these stories and be encouraged. Praying others will also grow in their faith as they read and insert God unto their story.


    Laura Adams

    Same for me, Jodie. In fact, I think it’s people’s stories that have brought me closer to God than I ever imagined I could be. Whether that’s people in the Bible or people I come across in life. There’s so much power in those stories.


Crystal Hornback

I love this analogy! I’m grateful for the stories of others which have encouraged me along my journey. And YES, it can be difficult to share, but the freedom in sharing is so beautiful, honestly! Thanks for this reminder, Laura… I needed to know that others still need to hear my story.


    Jodie Whichard Barrett

    You encouraged my heart so deeply when we sat by the zip lines and you shared a portion of your story. You helped me know that God sees us and cares about us. More than that, you allowed me to be part of the miracle he did in you and through you. Thank you for sharing your story with me Crystal. You will bless others as you continue to share!


    Laura Adams

    I for one, would love to know more of your story, Crystal. You are an amazing woman. I’d love to know all they why’s behind that. <3


      Rosie J Williams

      I struggled to tell my story years back because I was too busy, worried, tired and stressed to do it. After I retired from my day job, I began to live out my passion and calling to write. But first I had to go back to the basics of that alone time with God to refresh, renew and reboot! I couldn’t write a book about renewing your quiet time until I was living it out in my own life. Others stories have had a huge impact on me…Joni Ericson Tada, Carol Kent, Kelly Balarie and Dr. Michelle Bengtson are a few. And now I’m helping my husband write about his stories from Vietnam


        Laura Adams

        Rosie, what a powerful example! I love that you realized the need to get back to basics, reconnect with God, before reaching out to others and share. And I think it’s beautiful that you’re helping your husband share his stories as well. You go! xoxo Laura


Nancy Silvers

Laura, it was such a blessing to be able to know a part of your story that, I am sure, was so very hard to share. The blessing was to be able to walk through it as a prayer partner and praise and worship God for the very good things he has done through that time and the blessing that came from it. You came through it a strong, compassionate, beautiful sister in Christ!
I’m a bit nervous about sharing my story, even though many know part of it, but I trust that God will use it for good, the saving of many hearts and lives.


    Laura Adams

    Nancy, you played an integral part in my story thanks to prayer, and a gentle spirit that befriended me when I needed it. I love your story as well and can’t wait for others to hear. I know that so many women will be able to relate to it. Love you <3


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