I’m Over Distractions

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)

Do you struggle with distractions, detours, and derailments in life? Guess what? Me too.

Day in and day out, I delay the calling of what God places in my life. I get so frustrated with myself, and disappointment settles in. I fail to remember or to live out the truth that through Christ, I can do all things because of His strength.

Why do I waltz with daily distraction? Why do I settle with halfway instead of the fullness of God?


That nasty, nasty fear freezes me and allows distractions and delays to flow into my life, keeping me from doing what I know I should be doing over and over again.

Sisters, has the battle of defeat caused distractions in your life? What is at the forefront of your path instead of His freedom and purpose?

There are times we allow distractions to dictate our direction and allow them to become our boss.

So how can we combat the battle of defeat that comes from our distractions?

We focus on the eyes of Jesus, so He can direct our day to day steps.

It isn't about striving for more; it is about obedience in doing the task God asks you to do with Him. Click To Tweet

Remember, the Holy Spirit will equip you for everything God asks you to each day.

Margeret Feinberg wrote, “God did not create you to live a distracted life. God created you to live a Jesus-infused life.”

Oh, friends, I want to live a Jesus-infused life. How about you?

What is a Jesus-infused life? Here are a few things I do to help me stay infused with Jesus and to set my gaze on Him:

  • Seek God first each morning and ask Him what your assignment is for the day. God will pour out His passions as you pursue His steps through your calling.
  • Read God’s truth out loud. Allow it to permeate your heart. Reset your heart daily.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to give you His courage and boldness for whatever comes your way.
  • Turn your eyes upon Jesus, really. He will never steer you the wrong way.
  • Remember, you are a child of God. Like the judge, Deborah, you are a warrior-woman, and the Holy Spirit gives you exactly what you need to stay focused and to move past distractions.


Sisters, God invites us to live the fullness of the beautiful plans He designed for each of us. If we are so distracted, we will miss out on His purpose. For me, I want to serve the Lord, and my guess is you do too. Let’s. Do. This!

Reflection Questions

What distraction keeps you from your day to day calling from God?

Why is it distracting you?How can you move forward and push out these distractions?


Father, Your very presence calms my fear and helps me move forward in my steps today. When I know You are for me, then who can be against me? That truth soothes my heart. Today, I desire to live free in You and Your calling without distractions. Holy Spirit, please tap on my heart when I stray away and correct my course. Jesus, may I set my eyes on You and follow Your lead in all I do today. Thank You for loving me so much. I love You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

6 thoughts on “I’m Over Distractions

Jodie Whichard Barrett

Yes! “It isn’t about striving for more; it is about obedience in doing the task God asks you to do with Him.”

I’ve been reminding myself often, Michele. Thank you for reinforcing what I know to be true. Love you, sis.


    Michele O’Leary

    Hey Jodie B! For me it is a daily challenge but God is always faithful. I lean into Him and ask God to show me His next steps for my path of purpose. Love you, Little Sis.


Nancy Silvers

Thank you for this, Michele. I am so easily distracted and need to step fully into obedience. Love you sweet sister!


    Michele O’Leary

    Sweet Nancy, distractions are hard to let go at times. Right? Obiedience isn’t always easy, it is something we have to ask the Holy Spirit for daily. I love you, Nancy.


Kimberly F Sheppard

“Wow! Yes distractions are like detour signs.” We get so caught up in stuff we forget where we are going. I have had so many here lately. I have been like a hunting dog trying to sniff things out (LOL) instead of asking God to show me. We go to him in prayer then after that prayer we go right back to trying to find the answers instead of waiting on him. We are so impatient. This morning I read Matthew 17 and had to remind myself where is my FAITH. God is always on time to redirect you back on track. He is such a loving Father. I am pushing through with FAITH and GUIDANCE not on my own understanding but with his. Thank you Michelle!


    Michele O’Leary

    Kim, I hear you. We give our request to God, lay it right at the foot of the cross, then snatch it right back. I am with you, my friend. Faith pushes out the fear that leads us to distractions. We serve a good, good God, and He is so faithful. The Holy Spirit never leaves us alone to find our way. We are blessed to have the Guide of God dwell within us. LU, Sis


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