I’m Over Being Worried

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:34 NIV

Three minutes later, we were over it.

My girlfriend and I were at a conference with tons of other women and excitement filled the air. Now let me write the whole truth. Excitement did fill the air, but worry was there also. Will I fit in? Will others like me? Will I say the right things? In a building full of 600 hundred women there is potential for worry (anxiety too, but that’s a topic for another day).

Back to the three minutes I was talking about. I am floundering in the lobby trying to find a place to fit in and I catch sight of my friend. Quickly I think this looks like a safe place for me and I run over to join the conversation. Just as fast as I ran, well, that’s how fast my friend blew me off. Taking the hint, I left, a little down and rejected.

Now the three minutes. I know. You’ve been waiting. My friend (the one who blew me off) comes and sits beside me and says, “I owe you an apology.” I listen as she explains that the conversation I interrupted was tender and personal to the other person and she wanted to give her full attention during this tender time.

Wow, that was easy. She just saved me a tremendous amount of worry and didn’t even realize it. Because really, I was worried. I was worried I did something wrong, worried that I was rude, worried that I was left out, and the list could go on, but most importantly, I was worried that I would allow the enemy to win. Because He could.

Satan is always looking for a way to make you worry over the things God has helped you move away from. Click To Tweet

Years ago, I was insecure and terribly worried about what everyone thought of me.

God taught me to let go of my insecurities and see the person He made me to be. He also taught me that when I am uncomfortable and worried, I can look to Him and ask myself, “what do I need to do or change about me?” Last but certainly not least, He taught me not to worry about tomorrow because today has enough worry of its own (Matthew 6:34).

God has repeatedly given me peace where worry used to reside and courage where there once was fear.

The enemy does not like peace and courage. He celebrates over worry and wants to use it to take the generous gifts the Lord offers His children. Click To Tweet

There are a thousand things we could worry about. My children came with worry. I worried about their choices. I worried about their future. I worried about their health. I worried about their decision making. Until God convinced my heart that worry is wasteful and prayer is powerful.

Prayer has the ability to usher in peace where worry wants to take up residence. Click To Tweet

I’ve released restless nights over my children in exchange for peace. And tears in bathroom stalls for the courage to keep trying with others when I’m feeling left out. There comes a point when we have to realize there is a better way.

Prayer can lead us to peace. And trusting God leads us to courage.

My story of three minutes may seem trivial. But let’s consider what I may have lost if I carried worry away from that conference. I may have lost sleep and a friendship. The foundation God established in my heart with His peace could have crumbled if Satan was allowed an opportunity to hold me hostage in worry. Today, I can look Him in the face and say what a friend taught me. “Not today Satan. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.”

I am so over worry. I hope you will join me in trading worry for prayer.

Reflection Questions

What keeps you up at night? Does your heart race and your mind run wild thinking of the what-ifs? How can we combat worry in a world filled with difficult circumstances?

Psalm 37: 1-2 reads, “Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away.” Does this verse bring you comfort or challenge you in some way?

Consider what brings you to worry. Write those things that make you anxious on a piece of paper. Fold the paper up and pray asking God to help you release your worry in exchange for peace. Does it help to remind yourself that worry is wasteful and prayer is powerful?


Father, thank you for offering us good things. Peace, joy, strength, and courage are what I desire. When I am worried, I know you are there to take my anxious thoughts and exchange them for thoughts that bring me peace and rest. Help me run to you with my anxieties and fears. Thank you for loving me and for fighting for me. I don’t have to stand up to Satan alone. I release my worry to you. In Christ’s name, Amen.

13 thoughts on “I’m Over Being Worried

Faye Lynch

My tendency worry……..His Words my overcoming power to fight the enemy! Love this great reminder!


    Jodie Whichard Barrett

    The battle is won with the full armor of God, Faye. We know how to dress, right?


Laura Adams

I love how your friend took immediate action, knowing that she likely hurt you. And that you were quick to forgive and push worry aside. We can all learn a lot from that. <3 Great post, Jodie B!


    Jodie Whichard Barrett

    I told her thank you for being quick to tell me what happened. We didn’t lose any precious time together that weekend because of her wisdom.



Thank you for this reminder. I’m trying to remember to promptly pray when one of these worry subjects comes up. I’m a single mom to a teenage boy so there have been lots of opportunities to worry lately!



    Oh Sarah, boys can be a big source of worry, can’t they? I’ve only had to single parent when my husband was overseas or on duty and I really missed his leadership. Prayers as you navigate parenting a boy as a single mom. May the Lord you with a wonderful group of supporters. There is some truth in, “it takes a village,” isn’t there?



Yes, that armor, when continually put on is puncture proof! A timely reminder of our Godly provisions in our Lords army.



    “Puncture proof”- yes!


Cindy Wilkins

If I shared with you all the crazy, numerous things I worry about you’d know how really crazy I am!!! 🤪 I need this post for sure!



    Cindy! Perhaps we should share more of our worries and pray together. Big hugs!


Kim Sheppard

Wow! I love this! I agree with Laura I was so impressed with how quickly she went to her to talk. So many times I have just brushed a talk off. Feels better to just go on as nothing ever happened. Continue to speak and be friendly just like nothing happened. That conversation is intimidating to me because I don’t want an uncomfortable conversation. I so need to work on stepping out of my comfort zone and just do it.
As far as what keeps me up at night I have insomnia (17 yrs). I just lay wide awake. I have tried all natural remedies nothing suggested works. I have been claiming my healing with this. Prayers for all our minds to calm down and rest.


    Cindy Krall

    I agree with you Kim. I’m so impressed that the woman followed up so quickly with Jodie. Such a lesson for me! I’m so sorry you struggle with sleep. That can be so hard. God knows we need our rest or He would have never made our bodies require sleep. I’ll be praying for you in this area Kim!



    Kim- I make a practice of giving my friends an open door to come and discuss things quickly. It’s something I often fail to do because, like you mentioned, I don’t like uncomfortable conversations. My friends wisdom saved our weekend and gave me a wonderful example to draw wisdom from. I will be in prayer over your insomnia. I know from restless nights that it can really be frustrating and debilitating. Lord, intervene and help Kim rest. Amen


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