I’m over it!

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 1:6 (NIV)

At one of my first jobs after college, I was an art director for an Indianapolis ad agency. I worked with some really talented and intelligent people. I reveled in the discussions about advertising and design, laughed at the witty, irreverent conversations, and drooled over boards of Pantone color chips. I thought the guys I worked with were amazing and I wanted to be more like them.

Until one day when the man I admired the most (OK, maybe I had a crush on him) threw a diva hissy fit. The client wanted to change the colors on a project he had worked hard on. I remember him throwing up his hands, saying, “I’m over it!” and stomping out, leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces.

How dare he, right? But let’s be real—because that’s what the Sisterhood is all about, being real. Haven’t we all been fed up before and wanted to just walk away? Or actually done that?

  • The kids don’t listen, and you shout, “I’m over it!” and leave the room.
  • Your spouse leaves his socks on the living room floor again and you say, “I’m over it!” and stomp off to bed.
  • You no longer care about someone like you used to, so you declare that you’re over him.
  • You bounce another check and declare, “I’m over it!”—and since you don’t have enough for your house payment now anyway, you decide to go shopping.
  • The pastor steps on your toes during his sermon, and you sleep in the next Sunday, because you’re over it. Who needs church anyway?
  • You post a Facebook rant saying you’re so over it—all the bickering and judgment—without sparing a thought for the people you offend and judge as you unfriend them.


When we stop caring—or care so much we have to let it go to save our sanity—we declare that we are over it (whatever it happens to be).

Here’s the truth: we make lots of fuss about some pretty unimportant things, things over which we have zero control. Yet we persist in being part of things we should have given up a long time ago. Click To Tweet
The blame game

It’s easier to let ourselves believe that all that is wrong in our lives is because of someone else. We want to blame our dissatisfaction on someone else—our less-than-perfect marriage on our less-than-perfect-spouse, our chaotic life on our children’s selfishness, our discontentment with work on our demanding bosses. As long as we’re looking outward, the bitterness only grows, and nothing really changes.

But God works on the inside, and if the way He stirred up our spirits as the leadership team brainstormed topics is any indication, I’d say God is ready to get to work in all of us. We’re tired of beating around the bush and tired of hiding our true feelings.

We’re over it.

As soon as someone said that, the ideas started flying:

  • I’m over letting myself go
  • I’m over feeling left out
  • I’m over my mouth
  • I’m over pretending my life/marriage/family/spiritual life is perfect
  • I’m over worry
  • I’m over being overloaded
  • I’m over the past/regret
  • I’m over unforgiveness
  • I’m over distractions that keep me from what’s important
  • I’m over settling for less
  • I’m over over-complicating my faith


I think it’s a safe bet that you’re over some of these things, too.

OK, so what are we going to do about it?

The world would have us believe that, when things aren’t good, the best solution is to walk away. If it’s broken, buy a new one. If it’s ugly, hide it behind closed doors. If it’s hurtful, bear the shame in secret. If it’s difficult, find a new relationship. If it’s chocolate, keep that for yourself. (I can’t argue with that one.)

Our God doesn’t believe in tossing us aside, though. No matter what we’ve done, God never says, “I’m over it!” and walks away. Click To Tweet

He may be fed up with our behavior, mistakes, stubbornness, or pride, but he’s never over us. If we let Him, He gently, deftly leads us to a place of wholeness. Because no one—and nothing—is ever irredeemable. He loves us that much.

Let’s do this—together

We are humbled and in awe of the way God has brought together so many sisters for us to love. We’re not pointing to your flaws or areas of weakness and asking you to do something we’re not willing to do… we’re hoping that, as sisters, you will walk beside us as we explore these topics together.

It’s a beautiful thing when women who follow God reach a point of truthfulness and are willing to let go of what holds them back. When they want to exchange what weighs them down for something better. Something godly. When they are willing to learn from one another and share with each other as they each strive to grow closer to our Almighty God.

That is why we’re so excited about the Sisterhood. We like to have fun together, and we believe laughter is good for the soul. But we would not have gone to all this trouble to pull everyone together if we didn’t believe God would use this opportunity to deepen our faith and bring about lasting change—mainly through the power of the Holy Spirit, but also through the testimonies and encouragement of the sisters walking beside us.

It’s time to let God bring to completion the good work He began in us—by revealing what to let go of, and showing us how to fill that empty space with something better. He is faithful even when we are not (2 Timothy 2:13), so we don’t have to rely on our imperfect abilities or strength to pull this off. He is “able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20-21, NIV). He is judicious and wise and creative in his methods. He loves you, and He will stick with you as long as it takes. Because God’s work in us is never over.

And you couldn’t be in a safer place or among better company.

Reflection Questions

What trivial things have you allowed to take up way too much of your thoughts and energy?

What attitudes or issues keep you from fully embracing your faith?

Do you believe God will finish the good work He began in you? Write down the things you feel God whispering to your soul that He wants to address.


Lord Jesus, You stand at the door and knock… not in anger or disgust, but with patience and gentleness. I picture you standing there with your forehead leaning on the door, eyes closed, a gentle smile on your face. Not banging on the door with your fists, not forcing your way inside, but gently knocking… knocking… knocking… not giving up, not walking away, but waiting for us to open the door and invite you in. Because smack dab in the middle of our hearts is exactly where you want to dwell. If a heart is broken, You can fix it. If it’s hurting, You can heal it. If it’s lonely, You can fill it. You love us as we are—but You also love us so much that You won’t leave us where You found us. Change us. Help us be willing to do the work it takes to become the women You designed us to be. Amen.

13 thoughts on “I’m over it!


Oh my goodness!!! This is just what I needed today at this very moment! Yesterday afternoon I was so over everything. And it started with disappointment about where I planted a small tree last year after hurricane Michael. It was dead and needed replacing but my wonderful husband said he didn’t want it replaced….well I was so over it. I always just settle not saying anything when we disagree. But I love 🌲! I took my frustration out on my flower bed by my porch while talking to God, asking Him to help me. I eventually ended up in my swing crying and communing and being filled with His love and hearing Him whisper, Let it go, give it to Him. This morning I’m so much better for my sisterhood! Now I’m ready to get 2020 started with joy, love and laughter ❤️


    Kelly O’Dell Stanley

    Lora, I’m so glad to hear this met you right at the perfect time! And I love hearing how you took it to God and He met you there. Looking forward to how He will meet each one of us along this journey. <3



    Lora, I imagine there was so much emotion tied to that tree after all you and your community have gone through and are going through since the Hurricane that caused so much devastation. You ended up where I would want to be, in God’s arms. All to Jesus- I surrender. Together, we can all surrender these things and more to Him. Blessings, sweet sister.


    Cindy Krall

    Lora, I so get it! There are those moments when it all just comes to a head doesn’t it?! I’m so grateful today is a new day for you!! We’re excited about this series because the truth is we’ve all been there. Happy Monday friend, we’re so glad you’re here.


Nancy Silvers

I used to be an “I’m over it and out of here” type of person. Facing conflict is hard but so worth it in the end. As I have forced myself to walk through those “I’m done” situations I have grown so much. Sometimes I stay and sometimes after walking through and praying through a situation, with a calm heart and the Holy Spirit’s leading, I know it is time to move on. It’s a moving on with a clear conscious and, hopefully, no ill feelings. At the very least I know it is a walking away decided on God’s wisdom and leading and not being led by my emotions.


    Kelly O’Dell Stanley

    You’ve hit on the key, Nancy—listening for the Holy Spirit’s leading. Moving on might be the exact right thing, but we don’t know until we stop and bring it to God to reveal that. Thanks for sharing, friend <3



    God’s wisdom is always what I long for in the situations that have me saying, “I’m over it.” Admittedly, I think of the things I am frustrated with, but there are also those things that I need to be over for my well being and the well being of others. I too look forward to Holy Spirit leading in these area and I am so excited to do this with sisters like you, Nancy.


    Cindy Krall

    I love that Nancy,”a walking away decided on God’s wisdom and leading…” What a difference there is between that and when it’s an emotional response, right? I have SO been there but I’m grateful that He teaches us a better way! Have a great day Sis!


Cindy Wilkins

This is my hope for 2020: To say “I’m over rehearsing disaster by dwelling in the what if’s” and begin to live fully the blessed life God has given me right now! It is a battle I’ve been fighting and losing for a long time and I’m OVER it!!


    Kelly O’Dell Stanley

    Both Cindys are so wise… yes, it’s time to let those things go! (Talking to myself, too!) xo


    Cindy Krall

    Are you and I related? Seriously, I want to know! My thought for the year was “Lord, help me stop living like I think the rug is going to get pulled out from under.” Not His plan for us is it? The good news is that when I park in scripture and rehearse what is TRUE my thinking changes. Thank heaven! We may need to keep each other accountable in this. We ARE better together!


Kathee Wheeler

Hi Kelly,
We all have our own “I’m over it!” It took years for me to understand I could not handle conflict on my own but soon I realize I can give it God to walk me through each situation! I talk to Him, I read His Word & I have learned be quite so He can talk with me!! I now share with others, that if you are in a discussion or situation that is uncomfortable, wrong, or of Satan, walk away and give it to Jesus!! Think about it, people can’t argue with themself so why would we want to be in that situation. God always directs me in my calling to the ministry He has called me to!


    Kelly O’Dell Stanley

    So wise… and yet still sometimes it’s so hard to walk away. I read a novel last week in which the main character kept saying, “Sometimes the way to win a fight is to walk away.” Such truth. And impossible without Christ! Lucky for us, He is faithful and true. xo


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