Sisterhood Allows You to Take Off the Mask

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
Genesis 1:27 (NIV)

“Who is that boy?”

“What is your name?”

These were common questions I heard each time I took my son to the park when he was little.

Whenever we arrived to play, Tim would pull out his Batman lunchbox, find a private space behind a bush or park bench, and slip into the masked version of Batman.

For hours, he ran around the park swinging, climbing, and shimming up poles all in the name of saving the world. And although this was a common thread at each park we visited, none of his friends caught on to the fact that Tim was the boy behind the mask.

Sisters, may I be honest with you? I have asked the same question about myself from time to time.

Who is the girl behind the mask?

I have been known to slide behind a private space as I enter a room and slip on a mask due to fear, shame, hurt, anger, or doubt.

Why do I walk into a room and replace the beautiful person God created me to be with a mask?

There have been times I considered it weak to reveal the real me. A weak me is a messy me, and who likes weakness and messiness?

When life seems out of control, I still reach into my bag of masks and select the one that I will wear:

The mask of happy, even though my heart is breaking.
The mask that I have it all together,  even when I just yelled at my child as they exited the car for school.
The mask of self-sufficiency, even though I’m in sinking sand and too afraid to ask for help.
The mask of a perfect life, even though I’m lonely and longing for realness and relationship.

Can you relate?

What mask do you don as you enter a room? What emotions are you hiding behind the mask of fear because you are afraid that someone might find out the real you? The not-so-perfect you.

Friends, how can we combat the desire to slip on fakeness instead of authentic words and actions?

What steps can we take as sisters to wear the realness of how our Father created us, even when life is messy?

Community. Communication. Created.


Sisterhood will help us slip off the mask and replace it with safety and relationships. When we gather together, we become stronger together. We can cheer each other on to remove the mask and show the hot mess we are at times. Click To Tweet


Truth frees us from fear. When we share honest emotions, freedom marches in and pushes out the darkness of the liar. Satan loves to stir the pot of our feelings. If the dark one can keep us quiet, liberation will never take place. Be brave and speak your truth with a safe sister or friend and say, “I am not okay today.”


In the image of God we are created: perfect and flawless and free. Jesus died on the cross to save us from wearing a mask that will hinder us from relationships and His purpose. God created us in the likeness of Himself to gather together, encourage, and grow each other.

Sisterhood blossoms in our messy and melts away fear.

Lean in and ask God how to shine more of “you” today, even if it is messy.

Reflection Questions

What mask do you tend to slip on before stepping into a gathering?

What steps can you do to take to enter a room “as you,” even if you are a hot mess?

Write down a word or verse that will help you replace the mask of fear with faith and strength.


Father, we gather today thanking you for creating us in your image. You designed us to live out our truths with you and with each other. It isn’t always easy to walk in a room and share our hearts. Holy Spirit, give us courage as we share life with other sister’s in Christ. We love you. We desire to live more like you each day. Thank you for loving us, even in our messy lives. Amen.

16 thoughts on “Sisterhood Allows You to Take Off the Mask


Oh my, this is what I’ve needed to hear for 56 years. I’ve been trying to be who God has created but I hold back the true me scared of rejection and hurt it drowns the joy and fun me out. But your words resonate so deeply to me and I’m going to be more proactive to shed that mask and let His light shine!
May God continue to bless you❤️


    Jodie Whichard Barrett

    Fear of rejection affects me too, Lora. I’m joining you in prayer. Lord, give us the courage to live as you created us. May we seek approval only from our Father. You are a good Father and we are grateful that we are made in your image. Help us take off the masks and help us embrace one another as sisters. In Jesus name, Amen



    Dear Lora, God loves you exactly how He created you. When we hide who we are due to fear, we hide how God created us. Be brave, sister. You are special because God calls you special. Be you and share your truths. Hugs, Michele



Removing my mask will involve finding out who I truly am. Who did God create me to be? What kind of personality do I have? What are my gifts? Maybe that’s where I can start. What I was always told about myself became what I tell myself. If I remove the mask people will see someone self centered and unlikable,
If I’m going to believe that I am created in God’s image then I have to believe he made me good.
I think I’ll start by making a list of things I’m good at. I have a couple people I trust that I can ask for an honest assessment. I’ll start there. 🙂


    Jodie Whichard Barrett

    Carla, I love your starting place. I love that you will start with God and then invite trusted ones to walk with you and encourage you. You are a good example for me today. Thank you for your honest conversation. Together we are stronger.



    Oh, Sweet Carla, you have already begun because of removing the mask of fear…that is the very first step of being real. Thank you, friend, for sharing.

    I pray for your brave to share honestly with trusted friends. I like the idea of writing out a list, that will step you into freedom and removing.

    Father, thank you for Carla. Remind her that you love all of her. Help her know that no matter what her past is, she is loved and she is wanted. Amen.

    Hugs, friend.


Jodie Whichard Barrett

Michele, Today I listed the masks I wear and why. Then I wrote a prayer asking for God’s help in the areas that drive me to place on a mask. I also asked Him to help me live as He created me. I am grateful for you leading the way today. I know this post will help many and I love that I am one of those. Thank you, sister.



    Jodie, thank you for your encouragement and sweet words. Prayer while removing…still hard but so faithful. God loves His girl, Jodie, who is created in His own image. I do too. ❤️


    Nancy Silvers

    Jodie, I love the steps you will take today and I will try to do the same. I say try because some days I feel braver than others and today is a not so brave day. Constant pain, in my jaw, is really wearing me down. Love you all and so grateful for this Sisterhood Ministries-a place where I feel comfortable enough to be honest.


      Jodie Whichard Barrett

      Nancy, I am praying for you now. I understand constant pain and how it can affect the way we feel and how we are able to respond to others. Lord, Be with my sister Nancy. Ease the pain. Strengthen her as only you can, Lord. I too am grateful for the sisterhood you have given us. I rejoice that Nancy feels comfortable enough to be honest. We give you all the praise, honor, and glory. In Jesus name, Amen



Wow! Powerful message. I am going to search my heart and ask God to reveal the mask(s) I am wearing.


    Jodie Whichard Barrett

    We are praying for and with you.



Yes!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘



Thank you for your wise words. This is a beautiful reminder that we aren’t alone in our thoughts or feelings. There is always a sister near by to lift us up!


Cindy Wilkins

I have worn the mask of confidence for years even though I feel less than in most areas of my life. My prayer will be to find my confidence in God and not worry about my own weaknesses. Great inspiring words Michele!


    Cindy Krall

    You are NOT alone in this friend. Let’s spur each other on to find our confidence in HIM!


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