Sisterhood Means Being There for One Another

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (NIV)

I used to be bad at the friendship thing.

You know, gathering together and sharing your deepest thoughts. The thought of gathering in a
group would stir up my stomach, much like riding a roller coaster.

Oh, the ups and downs of drama and gossip would fill my mind instead of the steadiness and
strength of sharing life with others.

Insecurities and lack of trust would mark up and erase any type of closeness and togetherness
with girlfriends.

My self-reliance and pride kept me at bay for many years of my life from sharing life with other
women. I made relationships harder than they needed to be because truth be told, there were
times I felt too out of sorts to even get involved.

Then tragedy rocked my family’s world one September morning when we woke up to our
backyard breaking up and slipping away. The most massive landslide in Virginia was taking
place right behind our home, and my family became homeless in a matter of two hours.

As desperation filled my heart, along with loneliness, I knew something was missing: Sisterhood.

I needed other sisters to walk my family and me through this unexpected natural disaster. I
longed to talk with other women who would hear me and be with me. I needed a community to
help me so that I could help my family.

Within months, through a friend, God placed me in a group who welcomed me with open arms.
Although they couldn’t fully grasp the gravity of the situation, they leaned in and held me tight.
These women walked with my family and me through some very dark and uncertain times.

They demonstrated to me the importance of being there for one another and how community
intertwines hearts, lives, and relationships. There were times my friends stepped in for me when I
could not move forward. They lived out Job 16:20-21 (NIV). My intercessor is my friend as my
eyes pour out tears to God; on behalf of a man he pleads with God as one pleads for a friend.

I cannot imagine that season of my life without my friends, my sisters. Each woman was a light
of God and brightened up my life in more ways than not. They were a life-saver from Jesus.
They were all in with me.

I witnessed how together is always stronger than doing life alone. Click To Tweet

They were the picture-perfect sisters who mirrored being there for one another.

I pray you have a group of friends you can lean on as you navigate life. Maybe you are hesitant
like I used to be and have a sour taste in your mouth about trusting others. Please know
Sisterhood Ministries is a safe place. There is nothing that would make us happier than having
you settle into our group and know you are welcome just as you are. Our arms are wide open to

So, what do you say? Let us begin with a simple yes to standing together. We will deepen roots
of trust and blossom joy in relationships.

Reflection Questions

Think about a time in life when friends surrounded you with care. How did it make you feel?

How can you reach out to someone today? What steps can you take to be there for another sister?


Father, we lift your name high: Our Savior. You are our refuge in our heartache. You are our
comforter in our lonely places. We thank you for the community of sisterhood because we know
that healing takes place when we gather with others; when we are there for one another. You
smile when you see your daughters love and take care of one another. We love you, Lord, so
very much. May we praise you all our days. Amen.

18 thoughts on “Sisterhood Means Being There for One Another

Kathee Wheeler

As I reading your blog Michele flash backs of September resurfaced. My heart sank for you and Danny. The support of your church and friends were amazing! I saw the love and support they gave you and Danny! Prayers were sent your way and we saw the Lord working! Sisterhood is alive in our lives when we learn to trust others who want to reach out to us. I’ve watched you grow in just that! I have never really had that and so look forward to reaching out to others around me to invite them to join Sisterhood as we bond! Looking forward to tonight. A number of ladies may join us tonight! Im looking forward to tonight!! God bless!! 🥰🥰🥰


    Jodie Whichard Barrett

    Kathee- Thank you so much for encouraging us in Sisterhood. I look forward to a joy-filled time with you and many sisters tonight. Happy Dance.


    Michele O’Leary

    Mom, it was a tough time for sure. However, the relationships that flooded in is priceless; I am ever so grateful. Thank you for your support, always, and being a part of Sisterhood Ministries. Love you. Michele


Nancy S

I have to honest and say, today, in my daily face to face life I don’t have a tribe that would show up to help me through a hard time. Oh, there are some that would “stop by” or tell me they were sorry they didn’t come by but they “really meant to”. And that is hard to respond to.

Growing up we had a very tight knit church community. The women were awesome and surrounded each other in hard times and good times too. I long for that. I do have a tribe of women I can turn to on my phone, only a Voxer post away, and I love and appreciate them dearly, but not in real life. As great as these women are, it is not the same.

I do my best to reach out to others and be there for them, in real life, but I know I fail at this too. It’s a challenge sometimes.
Thank you for sharing, Michele!!


    Jodie Whichard Barrett

    Nancy, you are a treasure to the heart of God and so many, including me. I understand your heart and will be in prayer over your local circle growing wide and more importantly, deep. Father, help us not be discouraged in times when we long for community and deep friendships. May we be faithful to continue forward loving others as you would. Send a precious local sister Nancy’s way. In the wait, hold her close and help us love her well from afar. Amen


      Amy A Cooke

      Amen! Praying with you!


    Michele O’Leary

    Sweet Nancy, I wish I could reach through this computer and hug you right now! You are precious, and one of the most committed women I have ever met in ministry. You love, and help others is like no other, and I am grateful for you in my life.

    I understand your heart about reaching out to others in “real life,” it is a challenge for me too. We both are introverts. But my heart desires face-to-face connect, and so together, we can pray for each other to be brave and ask for God’s provisions in this area.

    I love you, sis.



Oh Michelle, I am sorry for what you have been through. I know you can see how God was in the middle of all of it and brought you here. I thank God for you and all of the sisters for sharing your lives with us. I sometimes feel ill equipped to reach out to someone who has had real tragedy as I have had none. I need to start reaching out more and just know that they need me anyway. Thank you for sharing with us. God is so good!


    Michele O’Leary

    Michelle, God was at the forefront of the battle and helping me build friendships. The Holy Spirit wooing me to seek community was an amazing gift. It shifted my perspective of what it looks like to connect with women.

    Anytime we reach out to others; it will shine the light of God. When someone reaches out to me in my pain, sorrow, or hurt, it reminds me of God’s faithfulness, and He does hear me and understand my needs. We are His ambassadors here on earth.


Cindy Wilkins

I am so blessed to have a wonderful circle of close friends. We all taught together for years and now are retired. No doubt if one of us is in need, the others are there to fill it. And now I’m double blessed because now I have a wonderful group of online women friends who encourage and inspire me! Thank you Michele for your wise words!


    Michele O’Leary

    Cindy, I am blessed to call you friend and sister. I love you.


Laura Adams

Michele, I can so relate to this post. Thank you for sharing your heart and by doing so, showing others that they are not alone in their desire for Sisters, despite their reluctance to reach out to them. I’m blessed to call you my friend, and would drive through a mountain to be there for you. <3




    Hey Laura, thank you for your support and encouraging words. Even though we are hours away, if you need me, I am in my car heading to you. I love you.


Lynn Schriner

One of the toughest parts of my life has been finding a support system outside of social media. I have struggled over 40 years with health issues and I am isolated and sidelined. BUT I have also been able to help orphans and write and sing music and write books and became a Holistic Dr. I have been a keynote speaker, and award winning blah blah which people then think I have some kind of wonderful life and they hesitate to reach out. Those two factors (too needy or strange or too accomplished or perception of too busy) has kept me from any kind of tribe. I am finally coming out so to speak. Sharing my vulnerabilities and fears, my insecurities and struggles. That’s a very scary thing to do as indifference can seem like rejection. I am finding that this place (on line) with women I have never met to be a first time sharing my deepest stuff otherwise what is the point of participating? It seems like most of you gals know one another outside of Social media (church) is that correct? Thank you for the opportunity to share here. Have a blessed day



    Hey Lynn, first off…welcome to our home…to Sisterhood Ministries. Thank you for being authentic and sharing your deepest “stuff.” We, as Sisterhood, pray for exactly what you are doing…reaching out and being real. Thank you for your brave! I mean that Lynn, thank you. I hear you, friend. There are many of us who have felt or feel the same as you. They are waving their hands, “me too.” They just may not know how to share yet. About the team…nope…we do not go to the same church. As a matter of fact, none of us live close to one another. God graciously invited us to join Him in this ministry and we each said yes. We have grown in friendship as a team the past year and are now truly sisters. Have you joined our Facebook Page? If not, come join us there too. Hugs to you, sister.


    Jodie Whichard Barrett

    Welcome Lynn, I like Michele, am so grateful you opened up to share your struggle. We do want to be real with one another. I am praying for women to join hands but live with open circles so that no one is left out. I know what that feels like and at the same time, I admit, I have left others out. This beautiful group of sisters is helping me live brave, see past differences, small and big. I’m so grateful. And I’m so grateful you found us and that you are joining the conversation. Big hugs, Jodie


    Kelly O’Dell Stanley

    Lynn, thank you for sharing here. I know that is hard to do when you’ve been hurt before. I’m so glad you’re here! I mean it, friend! I hope you find it to be the kind of place we all hope and pray that it will be. The leadership team all came together from around the country for a retreat and started this dream together. We’ve gotten to know each other over the last few years, but have only been together in person a few times. Some of the others that have joined in here come from that same community which hosted the retreat where we all met and they know each other from that online community, and some of the women have sort of followed each of us here from our individual ministries. But in spite of the lack of daily contact or much face-to-face time, God has done something powerful in some of these relationships, and what you’re seeing is fruit from that. Join in! We never want to be off-putting or make people feel like they’re not part of the club. The point here is inclusion… open circles… building new and stronger relationships as we serve God in our own unique ways. We have been praying for this for a long time and it’s beautiful to see that starting! <3


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